Board Profile: Carlos Saenz - Good Shepherd


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October 15, 2020

Carlos Saenz, Good Shepherd Board Member

Good Shepherd is pleased to welcome Carlos Saenz, vice president of business development at Mercy Health, as one of our newest board members.  He began his career working with pediatricians and continues his passion for helping mothers and children by joining our team.  

Carlos and his wife, Becky, share three children and two grandchildren.  The family suffered the loss of a baby son who battled a birth defect several years ago, an experience that reinforced their bond and focused their philanthropic spirit. The Saenzes believe in the importance of good parenting, family and supporting those in need. Carlos is grateful for the remarkable opportunities Good Shepherd provides to help others.

 What was your first job?

My first job out of college was as a territory trainee for Sears Roebuck in Dallas. However, my first healthcare job was when a district manager from Ross Labs recruited me from the sales floor to what became a 24 year career with Abbott Labs.

What’s something you’ve learned this year?

I have learned so much about the amazing value that Good Shepherd Children and Family Services, along with the St. Louis Archdiocese Catholic Charities, delivers to our community.  At Good Shepherd, we have an amazing ability to impact our communities by improving the social determinants of health.  Good health comes about when families have a home, food to eat, strong behavioral support, friends and mentorship.  The service of health providers is but a small portion of what makes our communities safe and healthy.  We need continued collaboration with other entities to make a stronger impact to the health of our communities in the future.

What’s your favorite quote, passage, or proverb?

I love to take a break when in stress and to think to myself: Be still for I am God! It is so important to stop and think, “Thank God,” and know it is He who brings us the ability to stop striving and to relax.  God will always be by our side.

Why did you choose to be part of the Good Shepherd board?

I find the mission of the Good Shepherd ministry to be so vital to our community. It also fits with my personal life-long passion to provide support to mothers and babies in our community. In my short tenure, I have come to realize even more the amazing contributions that are made to so many people in our community and I want to be part of these solutions.

What makes Good Shepherd uniquely positioned to help children and families?

Good Shepherd is uniquely positioned due to the diversity of special services we provide.  We also have a breadth of resources, including revenues to sustain our ministry.  Our ministry is a noble and vital part of our community. However, it is our amazing and devoted staff who have so much dedication and commitment to our children.  It is so touching and special to see the smiles on children when they land in a permanent home and in the eyes of a new adoptive parent when they meet and welcome their new child into their family.  How can it get any better?