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Angels All Around Us: Collin, Bailey, and Parker

Collin and Bailey knew they were going to be together from their first date – “He couldn’t get rid of me if he tried,” says Bailey – and talked about their plans to have babies almost immediately. That plan always included adoption because they wanted to share the love of […]

Rebekah and Raylie: Fostering that Grew Into Adoption

Rebekah says she feels like God gave her the desire to adopt when she was young, and she never wavered. After returning from missionary work in the Dominican Republic, she began the process of getting certified as a foster parent through Good Shepherd Children & Family Services. She vividly remembers […]

September 19, 2019

Adoption Answers: At what stage of pregnancy can I contact an adoption worker?

At what stage of pregnancy can I contact an adoption worker? Birth parents can contact an adoption worker at any stage in their pregnancy. Some birth mothers choose to contact us early on in their pregnancy, while others choose to wait until they are in their third trimester. There is […]

September 12, 2019

Adoption Answers: Can I still place my baby for adoption if I know they will have medical issues?

One question that we often receive from birth parents is surrounding known medical issues or developmental disabilities. If a birth mom knows that her baby will test positive for drugs or alcohol at birth, she can choose to make a private adoption plan instead of having her baby go into […]