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What is essential?

You may have been asking yourself that question lately and realizing the things you valued just a few months ago might not seem nearly so important.  In a critically important sense, the current pandemic provides a wonderful opportunity to think about what truly matters. Certainly we are more grateful for our ability to […]

April Showers Virtual Baby Shower

Spend a few minutes around a brand new baby, and instinct takes over: Our voices become softer, our breathing gets deeper, we move more gently. If you’re like me, you’re overcome with an irresistible urge to coo and make silly faces. There’s nothing I can think of that so immediately takes us […]

Easter 2020: Sacrifice, Resurrection, and Joy

It’s Easter Sunday! Our celebrations certainly look different this year, but there are several themes of this holy time that remain intact: sacrifice, resurrection, and joy. We are all being called upon to sacrifice, giving up hugs and handshakes, feasts of favorite family recipes, egg hunts, and traditions that go […]

Coming Together When We Feel Disconnected

Dear Friends, As we approach Easter, the holiest season of the Catholic faith calendar, I’ve been reflecting on what it means to come together at a time when many of us feel so far apart. This disconnect was brought into sharp focus when Good Shepherd made the decision to have […]