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November 6, 2020

A contagious smile with a vibrant and outgoing personality best describes this sweet 12 year old. She loves to wear her hair in long braids most of the time. She has a strong inclination for music and dance which is best expressed through her favorite artists Beyonce, Cardi B and Chris Brown. She describes herself as sweet, thoughtful and helpful. Sa’Doree enjoys swimming and exploring the outdoors. This young lady has a fondness for spicy foods, hot wings and all types of seafood. Two of her favorite activities are cheerleading and art. Her future aspirations include attending college and becoming a teacher or correctional officer in the future.

All family types will be considered for Sa’Doree. Sa’Doree desires to remain in contact with her grandmother and friends following placement.

Termination of parental rights has not occurred yet so this would be considered a legal risk placement. For more information about Sa’Doree, please contact:

Sandra Weindel, Adoption Specialist:, 314-854-5739