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About Us:

We are Chris and Liz. We met during college and while we did not date then, we remained good friends.  In 2014, we reconnected and knew our paths had crossed for a reason and were married in 2017.  We always knew in our hearts that we would have a family and in 2019 we welcomed Andrew through adoption. He has brought so much joy to our family and our hearts remain open to welcoming other children to our family and sharing the joy of siblings with Andrew.

We live in a diverse part of St. Louis and are surrounded by a supportive community of family and friends.  Chris works from home for a large IT company.  Liz works as an audiologist providing clinical support for patients with hearing loss. Andrew attends an early childhood center in our neighborhood. He loves walking to ‘school’ with our Bernese Mountain dog and spends the walk telling us about his friends and teachers.

Our message to you:

We have spent time thinking about what adoption means to us and our family.  We believe it is important for your child to know you, whether in person or through letters and pictures. We are open to sharing the milestones and successes as our child grows up. We have enjoyed getting to know Andrew’s birth family and value the time we have spent together.  We speak of his birth family daily and how much love they have for him. We look forward to how this relationship will grow in the years ahead. We are also dedicated to celebrating Andrew’s racial heritage both within our home and community.

It is our hope to give our growing family a loving home that teaches faith, compassion, respect and a love of learning.  We know any future child will be welcomed not only by us, but by our family and friends from the very first moment we meet.  We pray that you will consider us as parents for your child and are open to sharing more with you if interested. We wish you all the love and strength in these coming months as you continue making your adoption plans. God bless you and your baby!

To learn more about placing your baby with Chris & Elizabeth or to talk to an adoption worker, please call our 24/7 adoption hotline at 314-724-8417.