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About Us:

Hi there! We’re Dan and Annie (Leanne). We wanted to first say thank you for taking the time to get to know our family a little bit more. We have been married for 4 years and have 1 son, Connor, who is 17 years old. We met on a dating website and knew pretty quickly that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We were married almost exactly 1 year later. We truly are each other’s best friends and love doing anything and everything together. Dan works locally as a Senior Analytical Chemist. He loves the outdoors and working with his hands. Mostly he loves spending time at home with Annie and Connor. Annie works part-time as a pediatric nurse at a nearby children’s hospital. She loves the work she does and in her spare time, she enjoys baking, crafting, and decorating to make a cozy home. Connor is a junior in high school and takes after Dan in his love for the outdoors. He also enjoys watching baking shows with Annie and trying to convince her to go on one. We value our faith and family above all else and love spending time and making memories together. Board games are big in our house and we have a great big backyard for movie nights and bonfires. We love to travel to new places together or just get away to familiar ones like our family’s cabin. Almost all of our family is local and are just as excited as we are to be expanding our family. We love hosting so we take as many opportunities to get together as possible. We can’t wait to expand our family and make even more memories together. We just know that some of our best memories are still to be made!

Our message to you:

We are so thankful that you would take the time to consider our family. We have both had adoption on our hearts for many years now and are looking forward to the day we can bring our child home. We have 2 grandmas who just cannot wait to babysit and a big brother who has a lot to teach a sibling about hunting and fishing. Our child will be surrounded with love from lots of family and friends and we can already envision the joy they will add to our lives and all of the things we love to do. We are so excited to show them new places and to watch them grow and learn new things. We are beyond any doubt ready and excitedly waiting to expand our family. We cannot adequately express to you just how strong and selfless we know you are for considering adoption. We would love the opportunity to get to know you, but will always honor the level of openness you desire.

To learn more about placing your baby with Dan and Annie or to talk to an adoption worker, please call our 24/7 adoption hotline at 314-724-8417.