Jeff & Andi - Good Shepherd


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About Us:

Hi there! We met online in 2019 and dated long distance (Jeff lived in Illinois) for a year until Jeff moved to St. Louis.  We got married and moved into our home in June 2021. Andi works for a nonprofit that gives hope to critically ill children while Jeff works for a financial technology company.

We love adventures and being active! We enjoy trying new things and finding fun events going on around St. Louis. On the weekends you can find us visiting the zoo, attending sporting events, grabbing friends and heading to a trivia night, or having a BBQ and playing games with our family.  During the week, we enjoy taking our puppy, Pita, for walks, watching our nephews play sports, and spending time hanging at our house. We also really enjoy traveling and volunteering.

Our faith is very important to us and we believe God is leading the way on this journey.  We’ve always talked about adoption as part of growing our family and we can’t wait to share our love with your child. We have a great community and family who are all very excited to help welcome your child into our family.

Our message to you:

We are so incredibly thankful that you want to get to know us a little bit better. We can’t imagine all the thoughts and emotions you are having.  We want you to know however; we have been praying for you for months not only because you could make us parents, which we will eternally be grateful for, but also because you are extremely brave and loving to be exploring adoption. We firmly believe that God knows the family/child that is supposed to forever be a part of our lives, and we really hope that is you. Your child would be so incredibly loved and supported.

Love, Andi & Jeff

To learn more about placing your baby with Jeff & Andi or to talk to an adoption worker, please call our 24/7 adoption hotline at 314-724-8417.