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About Us

We are Jeffery and Marian. We met in high school through a mutual friend. Jeff was sixteen years old at the time and I was fifteen years old. We met at a school carnival (Jeff went to a different school in a neighboring town). After a brief introduction, Jeff left quickly with his friend and I never knew if I would see him again.
One month later, Jeff showed up at Marian’s parent’s front door with an Easter Basket and a little yellow Easter bunny and invited her to attend an Easter church service with him. That was the beginning of the rest of our lives!
We dated all through high school, and then went away to college together. Being far away from home, where we knew very few people, we spent nearly every waking hour together for years as we attended college. Having the same majors in college, we attended every class together, studied together, stayed up all night eating Oreos and cramming for finals together, then spent our free time playing tennis, shooting hoops and taking walks through the campus and on local trails in our spare time. We truly were, and still are, best friends!
When we returned home from college, we lived together for another year before Jeff proposed. We were married one year later (after eight years together). We had a small family wedding at an overlook at a local state park. We thought it would be beautiful to be married outside in October with all of the fall colors in the background. Jeff’s childhood friend, Brian, who is an ordained minister, performed the ceremony. We were on our way to the Gulf Shores for our honeymoon. Due to a hurricane in that area, we ended up spending our honeymoon at the National Muscle Car Association World Finals drag race in Memphis, Tennessee (Jeff was so excited).
Another year later, Jeff and I built our home. It is a three- bedroom, three- bathroom two-story home in a small peaceful neighborhood in mid-Missouri. We chose this location because it was close to where we grew up. The house that Jeff grew up in, where his mom and sister lived was less than a mile down the street. Marian’s parents, brother and sister all lived within seven miles away. This kept us close to our parents, our brothers and sisters and especially to our nephews and nieces whom we adore and do EVERYTHING with!
We enjoy spending time with our thirteen nieces and nephews, whose ages range from 3 days to 20 years old. We love taking them with us drag racing, to car shows, helping them build Pine Wood Derby cars for Boy Scouts, carving pumpkins, going to Cardinals baseball games, going fishing and boating every summer, taking turns having them spend the night – taking them out for dinner, going to the tennis or basketball courts, then watch movies until they fall asleep on the living room floor in big sleeping bags.

Our Message to You

We would like to begin by letting you know that we admire your strength for choosing life and considering adoption for your baby. We truly believe that adoption is a selfless choice that exemplifies the courage and love you have for your child!
We are so excited to become parents and will be honored and blessed to be chosen by you to love and raise your child. We have boundless love for each other that we want to share with a child, who we know will bring us so much more joy and make our family complete. We feel that adoption is part of God’s plan for us, and we know that, strengthened by our love and dedication to each other, we will be excellent parents.