Lucian & Theresa - Good Shepherd


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About Us:

Hi there! We are Lucian & Theresa. We met in college and have been married 11 years. Theresa is a pharmacist and Lucian is in video production. We both come from big families and love celebrating birthdays and holidays together. Both of our families live in the St. Louis area so we’re surrounded by a lot of love and support. Some of our best memories are taking our nieces and nephews on ‘fun days’. Theresa enjoys gardening and Lucian is a talented musician and photographer. We both like hosting dinner parties for our family and friends. We love our community – it’s diverse, family-friendly, and full of wonderful neighbors and small businesses. We’ve traveled to many beautiful places and have hiked up several mountains, but we can honestly say, our favorite place to be is at home with each other and our family & friends.

Our message to you:

Most importantly, thank you for your strength and courage, and for giving your child the gift of life. You are an inspiring example of sacrificial love. We will forever be thankful for this gift and our goal will be to show that same love to our child every day. As soon as we bring our child home, we will be telling them about their adoption story. They will always know about your unconditional love and commitment towards them. Our child will be surrounded by parents who love them, a big extended family to cheer them on, cousins to play with, and a community that supports them. Our prayer is that God will give you His wisdom and peace as you decide on a family for your sweet little baby.

To learn more about placing your baby with Lucian & Theresa or to talk to an adoption worker, please call our 24/7 adoption hotline at 314-724-8417.