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About Us:

We are Matt (32), Lauren (32), Claire (4.75 years old, Caucasian, and adopted at birth in 2016), and Benjamin (2 years old, bi-racial, and adopted at birth in 2019). Matt and Lauren met each other in college, 11.5 years ago, and have been very happily married for almost 9 years. Our marriage is built on a strong foundation of faith, trust, and open communication. Matt is an accounting and finance manager at a large healthcare corporation and Lauren works part-time as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist with children ages 0-3, in their homes. We live about 20 minutes from each of our parent’s homes and see our parents and siblings frequently, especially due to the blessing of having both of our Moms home during the week to take turns watching Claire and Ben while Lauren works part-time. We each have large extended families that also live in the St. Louis area, whom we typically see on all major holidays and at family gatherings throughout the year. We have an energetic, 10-year old, chocolate Labrador retriever, named Bailey, and a friendly, 12-year old orange tabby cat, named Popov. We love to spend time outside going for walks, playing at parks, or just chasing the kids in our backyard. We frequently have music playing and family dance parties in our kitchen. We are an active family who enjoys spending time outdoors. We love taking Bailey on family walks around our neighborhood and at local parks, spending time with our parents and siblings, hanging out with our active group of friends (and their kids!), going out for a date night to try new restaurants, cooking new meals together, going to Cardinals games, working out, and regularly attending Mass each weekend at our Church. Almost every year we go skiing in Colorado and camping in southern Missouri with Lauren’s family as well as on a weekend float trip with Matt’s family. We also enjoy going on large group vacations with our extended families, typically to a beach destination. Matt loves playing in a men’s soccer league one night a week with a group of close friends. Lauren enjoys listening to all types of music and being in the kitchen to cook or bake new recipes.

Our Message To You:

We cannot thank you enough for choosing life for your child and considering us to be part of your family. It shows true love and respect for the precious gift of life that you have made. We promise you, as adoptive parents, that our child will be loved and cared for each and every day of their life. They will also know as much about you as you would like them to, and that your choice of an adoption placement was entirely out of love for them. We appreciate you taking time and getting to know a little about us and look forward to sharing more with you in the future.

To learn more about placing your baby with Matt and Lauren or to talk to an adoption worker, please call our 24/7 adoption hotline at 314-724-8417.