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Hello! We are Matt and Sarah. We have been so blessed to become parents to two sweet kiddos that are now almost 7 and 3 years old. Both joined our family through adoption as newborns. We cannot imagine our world without them. Or a world where they are not siblings! We love life and love the sweet family we have been so blessed with. It was our dream to have 3 kids since we were married 11 years ago. We are fortunate that Matt has a stable job at a software company and gets to work from home. This has allowed Sarah to stay at home with Allison and Josiah. Matt’s job requires some travel, and we often tag along on the business trips to explore new places together. We have open and wonderful relationships with both of our daughter and son’s moms. We understand the importance of a biological connection, and it is our hope that our children will have some level of connection to their biological family throughout their lives. We are praying for another open adoption. We feel that a relationship to their birth family is the best gift we can give them.

We want you to know that we love being parents and enjoy all the little moments with our kids. During the last almost 7 years of being adoptive parents, we have more deeply understood the depth of loss that is experienced. As well as how beautiful the relationships formed can be. It will never be lost on us that our greatest joy in being parents is the result of pain and loss. Our kids know their stories from the very earliest of days. We want you to know that should you choose us; your child will know what a special person you are and how much you love them. We would be so grateful to have you part of our lives and to build a relationship together. Becoming a multi-race family was not a decision we entered into lightly. We talk about race and culture issues at age appropriate levels. We are very open about how they will experience the world differently than we have. We know that representation matters. It is our biggest priority to raise our children in an area where their ethnicity is represented. Our neighborhood, school district, and church are all very diverse. Our greatest accomplishment as parents will be to raise our kids to love God, love others and be unapologetically proud of who God created them to be. We are so thankful you have taken time to learn more about us. We will continue to pray for you and your baby. We pray that you feel God’s presence in your live and are surrounded by love.