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Hello! Thanks for taking some time to look at our profile. We are Becky & Tony. We met in college and began dating in 2000. We have been happily married for the past eleven years. In 2015, we welcomed a baby boy through adoption. Our family has been so supportive and they were very excited when we told them we were ready to adopt a second child to complete our family!

We recently moved to the St. Louis area. We bought a home in a great school district, because education is very important to us. We also decided to buy a house with a pool, in hopes it would encourage our friends and family to visit often. (And, it totally worked!)

Tony is the Director of Risk Management for a major water company. Becky is a Federal Employee and has worked for the IRS since 2006. We both have very flexible schedules and can often work from home, which is such a great benefit to our family.

We love to travel! Our favorite vacation so far has been to Alaska. We saw amazing wildlife including bears, eagles, orca and humpback wales! We have so many vacation plans for the future and can’t wait to let our kids experience all of these things with us!
We also love baseball and hockey. And it just so happens that we live in a city with great baseball and hockey teams!


Our message to you:

Thank you for taking time to look over our profile. The magnitude of your decision is not lost on us. Please know that a child placed with us would experience a lifetime of love, support, stability and encouragement. We think about our son’s birthmother every single day. The gift she has given us is immeasurable. The gratefulness we carry in our hearts each day makes us the best parents we could possibly be. It makes us more patient, more present and it makes us really stop and appreciate each and every milestone along the way. We do not take one second for granted.