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April 26, 2020

You may have been asking yourself that question lately and realizing the things you valued just a few months ago might not seem nearly so important.  In a critically important sense, the current pandemic provides a wonderful opportunity to think about what truly matters.

Certainly we are more grateful for our ability to secure the necessities of life, and hopefully far more mindful of our brothers and sisters who cannot.

We’re savoring moments spent with loved ones – both in person and virtually – and are hopefully more mindful of those struggling in isolation or without family or social connection.

We have a renewed appreciation for life – not merely our own, but every single human life – because as children of God, we are ALL essential. He created each of us with and on purpose.

Especially at Good Shepherd, we are deeply thankful for a community of donors and supporters that sustains us. We cannot succeed without you.

Good Shepherd has been deemed an essential business because we’re a social service agency and privileged to be providing support and treatment for those in desperate need. In a time when all of us are challenged, those at the margins are challenged all the more.  What this means is there are people who need us and that no matter what, it is crucial we stay open to care for them.

Personally, I am grateful for the opportunity to do this work and humbled by the profound dedication and passion of my staff.  For us, this time has brought blessings, as well as pain and anxiety.  It has also allowed us to recognize with far greater clarity that the truly important parts of our lives center on human connection. I pray that you’ve been able to find grace amidst the chaos of this troubling time.  Thank you for your support.


Yours in Christ,

Michael P. Meehan, Ph.D.