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We know that love is what inspires you to consider adoption for your baby. We are here for you as as a resource for questions and support as you begin the process. Here’s what it looks like to work with the Good Shepherd team:

Adoption Process

1. Contact our Team

Speak with one of our compassionate specialists to get started. Together we can discuss your options and potential adoption plan. Call or Text us anytime at 314-724-8417.

2. Make A Plan

Each adoption plan is unique and customized to fit you. Choose the type of adoption plan that suits you and match with a family that has similar desires. We will work with you to complete all the necessary paperwork and documentation to complete the adoption.

Throughout your pregnancy, a compassionate specialist will meet with you and offer emotional support and guidance. We can also connect you with community resources, as needed, including assistance with finding prenatal care and transportation to appointments. After the placement is complete, you can continue receiving care and support through our adoption team.

3. Choose a Family

Depending on the type of adoption plan you choose, you have the option to select the adoptive parents. Each eligible family has completed extensive background checks, a home study, and parenting education. At this point in the adoption process, we will show you prospective adoptive family profiles to consider that align with the preferences of both parties. Each approved adoptive family is  enthusiastic about raising a child in their loving home. Click here to view our waiting families.

Types of Adoption


The birthparents choose the prospective adoptive parents. There is full disclosure of identifying information between the prospective adoptive parents and the birthparents. All parties meet and are free to establish the level of relationship that is most comfortable for all concerned. This type of adoption generally consists of ongoing direct sharing of letters and pictures and may include periodic visits.


The birthparents may choose the prospective adoptive parents. Last names, addresses, and other identifying information remains confidential. This type of adoption generally includes ongoing sharing of letters and pictures facilitated through the agency


The agency selects the adoptive parents on behalf of the birthparents. There is no direct contact or communication – all information remains confidential.

Delivery and Medical Care

Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for financial assistance for expenses directly related to your pregnancy including medical costs for pregnancy and the birth of your baby. As you develop a birth plan, we will help you choose where you would like to give birth and whom you would like to be present during the delivery.


48 hours after the birth of the child, birthparents can sign documents relinquishing their parental rights. We will help you through the process and partner you with an experience adoption attorney to ensure you understand all of your rights.

Talk with a compassionate specialist.
Call or text us any time at 314-724-8417.