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Looking for a Permanent Home

The children below are looking to connect with a forever family and a place to call home.

Mackenzie, Amani, and Ronald

Mackenzie, Amani, and Ronald love to laugh and are connected by their close sibling bond. Mackenzie is three years old (soon to be four) and a protective older sister. She leads the kids in dance sessions and sing-alongs. She is a big helper and may just be a little sassy. Amani is two years old (soon to be three) and is always on the go. Like most kids her age, she has an occasional “terrible two’s” moment, but easily recovers. Ronald is two years old and is the baby of the family. He is full of energy, but when he is involved in an activity, is very focused and gives it his full attention. These children are in need of a loving family that can match their energy and enthusiasm and, most importantly, respect their sibling and family connections.

This is a legal risk adoption. Only licensed families will be considered. Deadline for home study submission is February 18, 2019.

Christina Robb
Good Shepherd Children & Family Services
1340 Partridge Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63130
314-854-5727, 314-854-5750 (fax),

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Jahkaiya, who is affectionately called “Tweety” by those that know and love her is eight years old. She is outgoing, energetic, and social. She loves dolls and stuffed animals. Jahkaiya is a dancer at heart. If there is music playing then she is moving. She is inquisitive and not afraid to try new activities.
Jahkaiya is in need of a family that is patient and loving and will allow her to express her sweet personality and explore her interests. Jahkaiya has a connection with siblings that she would like to continue. She is legally free for adoption.


Please contact Christina Robb at

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Ten year old Keymarion describes himself as friendly, kind, intelligent, and respectful. In his spare time he enjoys riding his bike and playing with his friends. He will start 5th grade this fall and his favorite subject is Reading. Keymarion is a quick learner and is most proud of his recent achievements in Math and English. He is a passionate wrestling fan and loves collecting his favorite action figures. He has an interest in learning mixed martial arts in the near future. He is proud of his Irish heritage and that his birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day. Keymarion is not a picky eater and loves shrimp, pork chops and Brussel sprouts. He aspires to become a carpenter or a professional wrestler!
Termination of parental rights has not occurred yet so this would be considered a legal risk placement.

For more information about Keymarion, please contact:
Sandra Weindel, Adoption Specialist
Good Shepherd Children & Family Services

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Never a dull moment with Tylei, an energetic and fun 8 ½ year old. He is starting 2nd grade this fall. Tylei’s favorite subjects are reading and math. He’s an action hero fan and his favorite character is ”Ironman”. Tylei is an active and engaging young man who will tell you he loves basketball, watching television and riding his bike. His favorite shows are on Disney XD. Although he is not sure what he wants to do when he grows up, he shared that he wants his future job to be adventurous. Tylei’s inquisitive nature keeps him busy. He enjoys working with his hands, assisting with yard work and completing odd jobs around the house. Tylei could benefit from a highly structured home with a parent(s) who can set appropriate boundaries and support his current educational goals.

Termination of parental rights has not occurred yet so this would be considered a legal risk placement. For more information about Tylei, please contact:

Sandra Weindel, Adoption Specialist
Good Shepherd Children & Family Services, St. Louis, MO 63130

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Abigail, Jose, Luis, Analicia, & Olivia

Abigail is an outgoing nine-year-old girl and in third grade. She is described as a happy, smart, inquisitive, friendly girl. She enjoys playing soccer, softball, yoga, swimming, riding her bike, jumping on the trampoline, and gymnastics. Abigail is active in Girl Scouts and Girls on the Run. Her favorite toys are Legos, crafts, and slime.

Jose is an active eight-year-old boy and in second grade. He is described as energetic, creative, helpful, competitive, and smart. He describes himself as “nice, respectful, and good at sharing.” Jose enjoys baseball, soccer, football, swimming, and ice skating. He loves Spiderman, trains, and Legos. His favorite subject in school is math; he is getting better at reading. He has made tremendous academic progress in school over the past six months.

Luis is a soon-to-be seven year old boy who is in kindergarten. He is described as compassionate, sensitive, friendly, and funny. He loves playing soccer, baseball, swimming, yoga, being outside, watching television, and playing games. Luis also enjoys playing tag, jumping on the trampoline, hiking, and being read to. His favorite toys are cars, Legos, stuffed animals, educational computer programs.

Analicia will be six this summer and will start kindergarten this Fall. She is described as outgoing, happy, strong-willed, friendly, and athletic. During the day, Analicia attends preschool with her younger sister, Olivia. She enjoys gymnastics, soccer, reading books, coloring, singing, dancing, playing games, being outside, and swimming.  Analicia’s top movie picks are Sing, Trolls, and Moana.

Olivia will turn five this fall and will continue attending preschool this Fall. She is described as easygoing, happy, and silly. Olivia enjoys gymnastics, soccer, playing board games, playing pretend, coloring, swimming, helping around the house, and loves to be around people. Olivia’s favorite movies are Zootopia and Sing.

This is a legal risk placement as termination of parental rights has not occurred. The ideal adoptive family for this sibling group of five, would be a two parent household with trauma informed parenting experience and behavioral training with no other young children in the home. The family would also need to be willing to actively assist in obtaining U.S. citizenship for two of the children. The siblings have a two older sisters who live out of state. The adoptive family would be expected to promote the sibling bond by maintaining regular contact.

Only currently licensed adoptive families will be considered. Please have your licensing worker submit your adoptive home study no later than April 30, 2018 to: Christy Graves, Adoption Specialist (

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David is a sweet six year old boy. His infectious smile shows off his charming dimples. David has good eye contact and enjoys engaging with adults and other kids. David can be silly, laughs easily, and revels in one-on-one attention. David is independent and likes to try to do most everything himself or with only a little assistance. He enjoys school and generally does well with instructions and activities. David wears glasses at school, but likes to have a break from them when at home. You would never know from his slender frame that David has a great appetite and has never met a food he does not like!

David does have special needs and will require a patient and nurturing family that is committed to being his cheerleader, coach, and most importantly, his loving forever family.

See David’s feature on “A Place to Call Home” here:

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