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Looking for a Permanent Home

The children below are looking to connect with a forever family and a place to call home.


Beulah is a 16-year-old, bi-racial girl who describes herself as an introverted extrovert. Beulah is a Junior in high school. She does very well in school and is receiving all A’s! She enjoys skate boarding, art, makeup, coffee, gaming and scary movies. Beulah prefers to stay home rather than socialize. She has also talked about beginning school sports, such as football or track and field! She is actively looking for a part-time job to make her own money! She is currently learning how to drive and should have her license in December! Beulah would prefer to be the only child in a home. She enjoys traveling and adores any type of animal! Beulah is very excited to meet her new forever family!

Only currently licensed adoptive families will be considered.

If you are interested in becoming a forever home for this sweet, intelligent young girl, please contact adoption specialist Samantha Jordan at or 314-731-3969 x344.

This is not a legal risk placement.

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A contagious smile with a vibrant and outgoing personality best describes this sweet 12 year old. She loves to wear her hair in long braids most of the time. She has a strong inclination for music and dance which is best expressed through her favorite artists Beyonce, Cardi B and Chris Brown. She describes herself as sweet, thoughtful and helpful. Sa’Doree enjoys swimming and exploring the outdoors. This young lady has a fondness for spicy foods, hot wings and all types of seafood. Two of her favorite activities are cheerleading and art. Her future aspirations include attending college and becoming a teacher or correctional officer in the future.

All family types will be considered for Sa’Doree. Sa’Doree desires to remain in contact with her grandmother and friends following placement.

Termination of parental rights has not occurred yet so this would be considered a legal risk placement. For more information about Sa’Doree, please contact:

Sandra Weindel, Adoption Specialist:, 314-854-5739

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Meet Michaela!  This 12 year old may be shy at first, but once comfortable she can be a social butterfly.  Like most pre-teens, she likes to spend time with her friends.  Michaela is creative and enjoys arts and crafts, drawing, coloring, and reading.  She also appreciates outdoor activities and outings.  Michaela has a kind heart and will often bring small gifts to her siblings.  She is the oldest of five siblings!  Being a big sister is an important role for her and she will need help to continue these connections.

For more information contact the adoption worker:

Christina Robb: 314-854-5727,

*This profile should not be re-posted to social media sites without requested permission.

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Isaiah – Family in Progress

Isaiah is a happy three year old boy and is described as a “little engineer” due to his fascination with figuring out how his toys work.  He loves cars and trucks and likes to play with blocks and puzzles.  Isaiah enjoys playing with other children, loves music, and playing in the water.  He has siblings that are important connections to continue.  Isaiah has overcome many obstacles and is in need of a nurturing, patient family to   continue to cheer him on!

This is a legal risk adoption.

For more information contact the adoption worker:

Christina Robb

Good Shepherd Children & Family Services


*This profile should not be re-posted to social media sites without requested permission.

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Denzel is funny and engaging and loves having an audience. He has a creative imagination, likes to draw and take the lead during story time sessions. Denzel enjoys being at school with his teachers and friends and has formed many strong bonds there.

Denzel treasures family time. Two of his favorite family activities are playing board games and movie night. He also has a love for food. Hamburgers are his favorite, but there is no food that Denzel will not eat, including vegetables! Denzel is also learning to cook and likes to help grill outside.

Denzel can be generous and display “gentleman” like manners. He is caring and concerned with other’s feelings. He also enjoys having pets and is very responsible with their care and training.
This active nine year old likes to be outside and enjoys playing sports. He is staying active with football lessons, at home, and is patiently waiting for his new team to begin practice!
This is a legal risk adoption.

For more information contact the adoption worker:

Christina Robb, 314-854-5727,

*This profile should not be re-posted to social media sites without requested permission.

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Abigail & Jose – Family in Progress

Abigail and Jose have a fun, creative and loving sibling relationship. They get along, are both active and playful and they do well with sharing with one another!
Right now, Abigail and Jose are not placed in the same foster home, but they do have weekly visits with one another and their other 3 siblings, which is just as exciting as it sounds. Abigail and Jose are looking to be adopted together into a loving home with their forever family.

Abigail is an outgoing ten-year-old Hispanic girl and in fourth grade. She is described as a happy, smart, inquisitive, friendly girl. She enjoys playing soccer, softball, yoga, swimming, riding her bike, jumping on the trampoline, and gymnastics. Abigail is active in Girl Scouts and Girls on the Run. Her favorite toys are Legos, crafts, and slime. She is not a picky eater. Some of her favorite foods include tacos, pizza, and macaroni and cheese. About the only food she dislikes is broccoli. Abigail’s top pick movies are Dolphin Tails, Matilda, Trolls and Sing. She is a good student and works hard.

Jose is an active nine-year-old Hispanic boy and in third grade. He is described as energetic, creative, helpful, competitive, and smart. He describes himself as “nice, respectful, and good at sharing.” Jose enjoys baseball, soccer, football, swimming, and ice skating. He loves Spiderman, trains, and Legos. His favorite places are Chuck E Cheese, Incredible Pizza, and McDonalds. Jose is not a picky eater; he eats a variety of food including vegetables and salmon. The only food he dislikes is sweet potatoes. His favorite subject in school is math; he is getting better at reading. He has made tremendous academic progress in school over the past six months. He has an Individualized Educational Plan (I.E.P.). Jose is not currently placed with his siblings as he requires more specialized care.

Overall, both of the children are physically healthy. Jose is the only child who takes prescribed medication on a daily basis. Abigail and Jose attend weekly trauma focused individual therapy to deal with their significant and complex abuse and neglect.

The ideal adoptive family for this sibling group, would be a two-parent household with trauma informed parenting experience and behavioral training with no other young children in the home. The adoptive family should have a strong support network locally and have the ability to establish consistent, firm, but loving rules and consequences. The siblings have two older sisters who live out of state and three younger siblings that are being adopted in the St. Louis region. The adoptive family would be expected to promote the sibling bond by maintaining regular contact.

Only currently licensed Missouri adoptive families will be considered. Please have your licensing worker submit your adoptive home study to:

Holly Bennett, Adoption Specialist
Bringing Families Together
7151 N. Lindbergh Blvd.
Hazelwood, MO 63042
314-731-3969 ext. 305 (phone)
314-731-3906 (fax)

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