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Looking for a Permanent Home

The children below are looking to connect with a forever family and a place to call home.


We are overwhelmed by the response we’ve received from families inquiring about little Ashlynn! We are only accepting foster families with active home studies who are approved to adopt in the state of Missouri. If you have an active home study in the state of Missouri, please have your licensing worker send the home study to Christina at with the subject line HOME STUDY.

Thank you, and please visit to consider other children who are in need of a safe, loving, and permanent home!

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David is a sweet five year old boy. His infectious smile shows off his charming dimples. David has good eye contact and enjoys engaging with adults and other kids. David can be silly, laughs easily, and revels in one-on-one attention. David is independent and likes to try to do most everything himself or with only a little assistance. He enjoys school and generally does well with instructions and activities. David wears glasses at school, but likes to have a break from them when at home. You would never know from his slender frame that David has a great appetite and has never met a food he does not like!
David does have special needs and will require a patient and nurturing family that is committed to being his cheerleader, coach, and most importantly, his loving forever family.

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Kaeleigh, Maison, Mackenlea & Novalee

Kaeleigh, a loving 10 year old, is a great big sister! Kaeleigh enjoys arts and crafts and played the recorder in school last year. She played soccer and has expressed interest in trying out for cheerleading. Kaeleigh is a great student and likes school. Her favorite subject is Science! Kaeleigh is also a big helper and recently has been helping cook. Her favorite food is Mac and Cheese! In her free time she enjoys playing with friends and riding her bike.

Maison is an adorable 8 year old little boy who loves Star Wars. He loves to play with Legos, swim, and play board games as well. His favorite super heroes are Captain America and the Flash. Maison is also very musically inclined and has been learning how to play the piano. Maison is an avid reader whose favorite books are the Magic Treehouse series. He also enjoys school and reports that his favorite subjects are Math and Science. He wants to be a lawyer or scientist when he grows up!

Mackenlea, who is nicknamed “Kenny”, just turned 5 and starts Kindergarten this year! Her favorite color is pink and she loves to draw, especially on the etch-a-sketch. Like most little girls, her favorite movie is Frozen. Mackenlea also had a recent accomplishment of learning how to ride a bike (with training wheels)! Mackenlea also played soccer this year and had a great time. She loves to play outside and swimming is one of her favorite activities.

Novalee is a precious 3 year old who loves dolls and puzzles. She goes by the nickname “Nova”. Novalee also loves to paint; her whole face lights up while designing her masterpieces. Novalee also loves to swim and play outside. Novalee is also very independent and a quick learner.

These four kids would light up any home they are in. They are a bonded sibling group that loves to have fun together, especially at the park!

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Ten year old is a sweet boy with an easy-going and affectionate nature. He laughs and giggles easily. Christopher does have some special needs. With the assistance of his hearing aids he is learning small words and basic sign language, but is also able to express his needs in other ways. Christopher likes to listen to upbeat music and enjoys riding in the car. He loves school and is ready and waiting at the door to leave in the morning. He likes playing outside and is learning to play with toys and to dress himself. Christopher has a connection with his older brother and younger sister that will be important to continue.

All family types will be considered. Christopher is legally free for adoption.
Please contact the adoption specialist for further information or to make an inquiry.

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Sterling & Carlos

Seven year old Sterling and six year old Carlos are fun-loving, active boys. They like to stay busy riding their bikes or swimming. When they have downtime, they enjoy watching animal shows on the Discovery Channel. Both boys have perfect attendance at school!

Sterling likes reading and writing, and anything creative like drawing and coloring. Carlos likes to work on his shapes and colors in school, and especially likes recess and computers.

The boys light up with praise and encouragement and really shine with special attention. They enjoy being part of a big family and love having other kids in the home to play with.

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