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Pregnancy & Parenting Support Service

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If you are pregnant and need help; if you are parenting a young child and feel overwhelmed; if you want to learn how to be the best parent you can be ... Good Shepherd welcomes you. We can help you right now. Our Pregnancy & Parenting Support program works with pregnant women in crisis to provide counseling, resource linkage, and concrete aid aimed at ensuring healthy infants and healthy families. Our program provides services for expectant moms, dads and family members impacted by a pregnancy; pregnant and parenting teens in need of help in learning how to parent; and parents of young children aged 0 to 3 who are parenting under stressful circumstances.

We Can Help With

Prenatal Support - We provide free pregnancy testing and assistance connecting to prenatal care.
Education - We offer education and support around what to expect during pregnancy.
Counseling - We offer counseling around a variety of issues including making decisions and plans, relationship issues or stabilizing your living situation.
Parenting Training - We cover prenatal education and care, understanding and handling stress, safe sleep, alternatives to spanking, and nurturing routines for parents and kids.
Assistance - We offer limited financial assistance to clients in a crisis situation.
Baby Items - We can help with diapers, clothing, and baby items, as well as connect to resources for items.
Shelter care - We provide shelter care for pregnant or parenting teens residing in St. Louis County.

“I would recommend this program to anyone who is pregnant, or who has young kids and needs help”. – D, former client

“It’s okay to get help. You don’t have to do it all on your own. In fact, you can’t do it all on your own” – E., former client

“I’ve referred women to Good Shepherd, if you need counseling, if you need services, Good Shepherd can do that and it’s free.” – A., client

Real Life Story: Sandra, Pregnancy & Parenting Support Program

With the motto of “healthy babies and healthy families,” our Expectant Parent Program works with pregnant women in crisis to provide counseling, resources, and concrete aid to ensure that babies are born, born healthy, and that mother and child(ren) get the best possible start in life.

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