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In response to the call of Jesus Christ, the Good Shepherd, to help those in need, we connect children with families and keep families connected.

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Our Catholic Identity

Good Shepherd is a Catholic agency—a member of the Catholic Charities federation of agencies within the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis. We see our work as a ministry, and more specifically, an extension of the ministry of Jesus Christ, who called all of us to serve those in need. Our Catholic identity informs more than what we do; it also informs why and how we go about our work. The agency’s values have their origin in Catholic social teaching, but we do not expect or require that our employees or those we serve be Catholic or commit personally to an adherence to Catholic social teaching.  Indeed, the vast majority of those we serve are not Catholic. Rather, we expect only that our employees understand and invest themselves in carrying out their work in a manner consistent with our values. We also hope and pray that this work will be an opportunity for faith formation—a means by which our clients, employees, and volunteers experience God and strengthen their relationship with Him.


We keep the troubled and traumatized children in our care safe and help them heal, we build, stabilize and strengthen families, particularly those in desperate need, and we work to ensure that babies are born healthy and get the best possible start in life.  To do this, Good Shepherd offers maternity shelter and transitional living, foster care, expectant parent & pregnancy support, and a full range of adoption services for children and families in need.

Core Beliefs

We value the life of a child from conception to adulthood.

We believe that each child deserves to be a member of a safe and caring family.

We believe that family can be defined in many ways. Our definition of family begins with a child and at least one caring adult.

We strive to instill hope for the future in all of our children and families. In fact, we must be the “keeper” of hope for children and families who are often unable to imagine an end to the trauma and pain they’ve experienced.

We embrace a positive culture in which all staff act as shepherds of the children and families in our care, taking opportunities every day to guide them toward their goals, allowing them to see possibilities in the world around them and make the most of the gifts they have been given.

Employment Opportunities