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We are here to join you on your adoption journey at any stage:

Our Adoption Program helps find safe and loving adoptive homes for children and provides a full array of adoption services to families at any stage of the adoption process, including families working with a placing agency in another city or state.

We work with families who need an experienced, local agency to assist with the adoption process.


We provide education and training around  adoption and foster care.

Our program is open to single individuals and married couples residing within St. Louis City and the surrounding county.

Some fees are assessed on a sliding-scale based on income and are collected on established fee schedules.

Adoption Services

Psychology PatientAdoption Counseling

We offer a free initial consultation with an adoption specialist who will explain the process and assist prospective families in exploring the many ways to pursue adoption.

Helping HandsAssistance

We offer assistance and support processes necessary for adoption finalization.

Image by Wesley TingeyAssessment

We help with home study and updates as needed, pre-adoptive training as required by the program through which you adopt.


Image by Markus WinklerPost-Adoptive Information

Individuals involved in adoption, either birth parents, adoptive parents or adoptees will often reach out to us years after an adoption has taken place. We can assist in answering questions and providing information based on the individual’s unique request.

Image by Austin LowmanPlacement

We provide placement and post-placement services for both the birth and adoptive parents, as well as supervision of placement.


We refer to other agencies as needed. Good Shepherd works cooperatively with other agencies in assuring that the appropriate documentation and services are in place according to their requirements.

Those We Serve

Adoptive Parents

Are you looking grow your family through adoption? We offer services for adoptive families looking to adopt children of all ages.

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Pregnant Women

Are you considering placing a child for adoption? Our team of adoption specialists are here to provide counseling support and to connect you with resources to assist in your adoption.

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Post-Adoption Families

Were you or one of your family members involved in an adoption that has already been completed? Our post-adoptive specialist can help to guide you with your information search.

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Adoption Stories

Collin, Bailey, and Parker

Collin and Bailey knew they were destined for each other from their first date – “He couldn’t get rid of me if he tried,” says Bailey. They talked about starting a family early on; that plan always included adoption, knowing they wanted a big family with a lot of love to share.

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Jacob, Gretal, and Anna

Jacob and Gretal welcomed Anna into their lives when she was nine days old. They knew they would maintain a relationship with their baby’s birthmom, but they didn’t expect the very special connection that changed how they define family forever.

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Rebekah and Raylie

Rebekah feels like God inspired her to adopt when she was young and she never wavered. After returning from missionary work in the Dominican Republic, she began the process of to become a foster parent through Good Shepherd, beginning her journey into adoption.

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