Christmas 2017 - Good Shepherd


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Christmas is a time to remember. The desire to be remembered runs deep in our human DNA, as is our desire to remember others. It is divine. Jesus tells us to share a feast in memory of him. The thief crucified with Jesus asked to be remembered in His kingdom. We remember our loved ones at Christmas and hope they remember us. We remember people we don’t know, especially now after so many recent natural disasters and manmade catastrophes. Especially at this time of year, it is important that we remember those at the margins, those with little power and little voice, like our at-risk children and troubled families who long not to be forgotten.


How to Help

One way to remember those we serve is to participate in our Good Shepherd Children & Family Services Christmas Collect to Connect experience. Imagine the confidence a teen mom experiences when she shops for her own clothes with the gift card you give. Think of the joy your gifts of nutritious food and the simple things that make for a good home provide to an expectant single mom and her family who are often overlooked in this busy season. Do you know that more than 30% of our foster youth are teens? Have you seen the face of a teen when mom and dad show up for a game or help their daughter buy a dress for the party? That’s the look you can give to one of our teens when they receive gifts straight from their own Christmas wish list. The real gift you give is the message that you know they are brave, and strong, and smart young people.