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About Us:

Hi there! We are Blake and Kasey. We’ve known each other since we were kids and grew up down the street from each other, so our families are close friends. We’ve been together since we were in grade school and got married in July 2018. We both attended Mizzou (M-I-Z!) where Kasey graduated with a degree in child development and Blake studied business before graduating from law school. Kasey currently works as a child life specialist at a pediatric hospital and Blake does tax law consulting. We are very close to both of our families and love spending time with them. Fortunately, we live about 20 minutes from each of our parent’s homes and get to see our parents and siblings regularly. We also love traveling, spending time outdoors, and doing home projects.

Our message to you:

Thank you so much not only for taking the time to take a peek into our lives, but also for considering adoption! Our view of you will always be one of complete admiration, love, and gratefulness for the decision you are making. We are so excited and ready to become parents, and we will love your little one unconditionally. We truly appreciate you considering us in your adoption plan. We understand this is a difficult decision for you, but if you choose us, we promise to dedicate our lives to ensuring this child has a life full of love and happiness. We welcome the opportunity for you to learn more about us and know that we are praying for you and your child!

To learn more about placing your baby with Blake & Kasey or to talk to an adoption worker, please call our 24/7 adoption hotline at 314-724-8417.