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April 4, 2021

Easter Sunday – A Message from Kathy Fowler

Does anyone else see tulips and immediately think, “It’s Easter time!”? Those lovely pops of color in the garden transport me back to childhood happiness, when I would get a pretty dress for church (sometimes with matching bonnet and gloves), dye eggs with my entire family (and try to come […]

March 28, 2021

Good Shepherd Board Member Joyce Jones

Joyce Jones has been a board member of Good Shepherd since 2018 and is an integral part of our Racial Equity Council. In her professional life, she is the Program Director for Racial Harmony with the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Why did you choose to be part of the Good […]

The Profession of Social Work

What image do you conjure when you hear someone is a social worker? Do you envision a soft person with bottomless patience and a strong ethical core? Someone who works long hours showing tenderness and concern? You’d be right if you thought all those things; social workers are part of […]

The Gifts of Sacrifice During Lent: We See it in our Work to Serve Adoptive, Foster Care, and Families in Need

The Lenten Season began this week, and most of us feel like the last year has already been 40 days in the desert. We’ve lost so much – time with people we love, hobbies we enjoy, community gatherings like church services and sporting events – that it’s hard to imagine […]