A New Day - Good Shepherd


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January 24, 2021

I settled into my pew last weekend for the Respect Life Mass at the Cathedral Basilica and looked around. The grand building never fails to inspire, and I was struck by both how badly I have missed the in-person connection with my faith family and how meaningful it was to be there on a day that marked one of the most solemn tenets of our Good Shepherd mission: the belief in the inherent dignity of every human person, both born and unborn.

For one hour, I was able to sit in reflection of why we do what we do. It is righteous work, helping create and support families. The many roles I’ve filled at Good Shepherd – from case manager to therapist and now executive director – have given me a unique perspective on what happens “behind the scenes.”

It’s a story I’m looking forward to telling.

One of my first goals in my new role is to connect with donors. I want to learn why they’ve chosen us to be the recipient of their gifts, and I want to tell them what I see. They should know about the young mothers who turn to us in times of crisis as they await the arrival of a new baby. They might be surprised when they learn about families who have been pushed to their absolute limit by the chaotic circumstances of our world, and how we’ve evolved to help. They can rejoice with us when they hear about the incredible growth we’ve seen in our adoption work, the inspiring connections we make between foster children and families, and how we’re expanding our geographic footprint.

Together, Good Shepherd and our donors are positioned to do more good for more people than ever before. The past years under Dr. Meehan’s leadership took us from a place of struggle to stability, which allows us all the space to be forward-thinking and innovative. It is my hope that donors will be excited as we share what we’ve been able to achieve and think of themselves as real partners as we build upon it. It is a new day for us all.