Faces of Foster Care: Art & Karen - Good Shepherd


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May 29, 2019

Art and Karen have been foster parents in February 2014. After raising their 10 children they were empty nesters and missed having children in their home. Since that time they have provided care to several children both short and long term, most notably M. who came to them as a newborn and remains with them as a now 5 year old. Their advice to those considering fostering is to talk to your whole extended family- not for agreement but to help them understand why you are fostering. Their children were apprehensive at first about their parent’s desire to foster but have since given their full support, mostly due to their interactions with M. and becoming more familiar with the need.

Art & Karen have learned a lot about trauma and its effects in their foster parent continued education trainings. They’ve been discouraged at the child welfare system at times but have been encouraged at the support that M.’s parents have given them in caring for their son. They encourage those over age 50 to consider fostering stating, “Yes, you lose some free time but children are a great reward for lost free time”.