Mission Moment (November 23, 2015) - Good Shepherd


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November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015


Making room—


Given that it’s Thanksgiving week, folks may be mindful of how they will make room for out of town guests, or a 20+ pound turkey in the oven, or for generous helpings of holiday cooking.  Here at Good Shepherd, however, we’re making room for other things, both physically and spiritually.  With generous help from our Neighborhood Assistance Program tax credit donors, we’re breaking ground this week on 14 additional parking spaces on the south side of our campus—something we’ve sorely needed.


More importantly, we’re making room for Jesus—here at Good Shepherd, and hopefully, in our hearts as well.  Today I helped move 16 beautiful, new chairs into our chapel, and we’ve received word that we can expect our altar and ambo sometime next week.  In an increasingly secular world, creating a chapel within a place of business might seem unimportant—perhaps even a waste of valuable resources.  Because our business is a Catholic Christian ministry, however, making room for Jesus is essential.  Whereas a chapel won’t change the fact that Jesus has been with us all along, it will provide a physical reminder of that presence for all who come here, as well as a place to pray, and reflect, and bask in that presence.  Moreover, the tabernacle will eventually “make room” for the real presence of Jesus Christ, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity, at Good Shepherd—and I am moved to tears even thinking about that.




God bless,