Rafe & Brittany: Party of Five - Good Shepherd


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Why did you choose adoption?

After fostering the kids for three years, we could not imagine our lives without them being in it! They had completely integrated into our families and stolen everyone’s hearts!

 Why was it important to adopt a sibling group or what does it mean to kids to stay together?

It was important for us to adopt the whole sibling group because they were so bonded to each other. We felt that they needed to stay together to maintain their bonds and connections with one another.

What has been your biggest challenge with being an adoptive family?

Learning to navigate the waters of parenthood! We went from a family of two, to a family of 5 with three kids under the age of 3, in a matter of two hours.

What has been your greatest joy?

Honestly, seeing the pure joy and excitement on their faces the entire day of our adoption hearing! It seriously made the whole day one thousand times better!

Any advice to people considering adoption?

If God is putting it on your heart to foster or adopt, just do it! Take the classes, get certified, and take the leap! Kids deserve to be in families!! If He is calling you to do it, He will make sure you succeed!