Mission Moment (March 16, 2016) - Good Shepherd


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March 16, 2016

Mission Moment March 16, 2016

All too often, conversation about infant adoption focuses almost exclusively on the baby being adopted and the family doing the adopting.  It’s not that such a focus is inherently misguided (there is much to celebrate for all involved); it’s simply incomplete.  Left out is the mother or couple who have made the loving and life-giving decision to make their baby available for adoption.  What a brave and frankly selfless decision, particularly in our present culture where any amount of pain, self-sacrifice, or inconvenience seems so aggressively avoided and unborn babies are labeled as “bundles of cells” or “products of reproduction,” rather than as human beings! What a loving sacrifice!


If you have time today, stop a moment and pray for every parent who has chosen adoption for his or her baby, as well as for those who may be considering it.  Pray especially for those mothers who are frightened, overwhelmed, and to whom the loving choice of adoption has not occurred.  Pray that their hearts are opened to this life-giving alternative to abortion.


God bless,