Adoption Answers: Can I still place my baby for adoption if I know they will have medical issues? - Good Shepherd


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September 12, 2019

One question that we often receive from birth parents is surrounding known medical issues or developmental disabilities. If a birth mom knows that her baby will test positive for drugs or alcohol at birth, she can choose to make a private adoption plan instead of having her baby go into foster care at birth. Choosing adoption is NOT the same as sending your baby to foster care. In making a private adoption plan, birth moms can choose the family that her baby will go to, she can meet them, and she can have the option for communication (like letters, photos, and visits) with her child as she or he grows up. By doing this, a mom can have more of a say in where her baby goes and she can make sure the family that her baby goes to is the right fit. ?

Sometimes a birth mom will know that her baby is going to be born with other medical issues or chromosomal abnormalities, like Down Syndrome. Sometimes families or professionals will ask us if there is a family for that baby. What we tell them is that there is a family for every baby, and we can find a family for any situation.