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April 4, 2022
Is this a thought you’ve had? 
“I can’t consider adoption – that feels like abandonment, like giving my baby away.”
Finding yourself in an unplanned pregnancy can feel very out of control. Without accurate information on what adoption looks like today, the option of adoption can feel scary and like losing your voice and your baby. We give away and abandon things that we don’t want. However, we make plans when we have love and hope for the future!
When an expectant parent takes the time to make a plan for their baby, it is the opposite of abandonment. By choosing to make an adoption plan – you are giving your baby a future and showing sacrificial love. You can make plans and personal choices such as selecting the type of parents that you would like to raise your child and the amount of involvement you would like in your child’s life. You can have a lifelong relationship with your child and his/her adoptive parents.
At Good Shepherd, we focus on empowering our clients to know their rights, have accurate information about adoption as an option, and make the decision that is best for themselves and their baby. 
Call or text our 24/7 pregnancy number to speak with our compassionate social workers: (314) 724-8417