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March 11, 2022

Is this your experience?

“I feel pressure to parent from everyone around me, but I just am not ready to be a mom.”

Families and friends impact the decisions we make all the time. Many pregnant women feel enormous pressure to parent because of their families or cultural beliefs. However, the decision to parent or not to parent is solely the decision for the expectant parent(s) to make. Sometimes unplanned pregnancies come before expectant parents are able to financially, emotionally, and/or physically care for a child. It takes bravery to fully consider the options and to make the choice that’s best for you and your baby.

At Good Shepherd, we empower you to make fully informed decisions and to advocate for supportive people around you. Adoption is not for everyone, and as with any pregnancy decision, should be made without coercion. We promise to walk alongside you in exploring the choice to become a full-time parent and the choice to make an adoption plan for your baby.

Call or text our 24/7 pregnancy number to speak with our compassionate social workers: (314) 724-8417.