The New Parent Job Description - Good Shepherd


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April 4, 2022
Are these thoughts you’ve had? 
“Caring for my baby will give me purpose and connection – someone to love and someone who will love me – fulfillment in ways I haven’t experienced before.”
Parenting comes with joys as well as eighteen years of responsibility. Sometimes it’s easier just to focus on the joys – attention from others as our bellies are growing bigger, receiving gifts as the new baby is arriving, dressing the newborn, holding and caring for this child as he/she begins smiling and responding to you. Often others promise that they will help and support you as you raise your baby – promises of financial support and promises to give you regular breaks through babysitting, but then don’t always follow through. It does take a village to raise a child, and you will need support, but ultimately the parenting responsibility falls on the parent(s). 
At Good Shepherd, we go over a parenting job description which outlines responsibilities of parenting a child for 18 years – the good and the hard parts, too. We brainstorm with expectant parents to find supportive people and resources. We also address unrealistic expectations of what it means to be a parent so that the decision comes with full disclosure. We want both the expectant parent(s) and baby to thrive!  
Call or text our 24/7 pregnancy number to learn more about the options of parenting and adoption planning by speaking with our compassionate social workers: (314) 724-8417