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Adoption Team Profile: Director of Resource Development Deva Blackman

Deva has been with Good Shepherd since 2002 and serves 150 foster homes. Her hobbies include traveling, cooking, playing board games, and completing DIY projects around the house. Why did you choose to do this work?  I chose this line of work because I like knowing that I’m making a […]

Adoption Team Profile: Adoption Specialist Christina Robb

Christina licenses and supports foster parents, relatives’ homes, and adoptive families within the Good Shepherd foster care program.  She also work as an adoption specialist and recruits adoptive homes for children who haven’t been matched with a family. She and her husband spend most of their time keeping up with […]

Adoption Story: Many Hearts, One Family

Matt and Lauren are a couple who can tell you what it’s like when God’s plan becomes a reality. The first time it happened for them was when they were introduced by friends while juniors at Rockhurst University. Within a few days, they had an hours-long conversation about what they […]

Treatment Foster Care Parent Profile: Mama Barb

Miss Barb. Mama Barb. Barbara, a Treatment Foster Care parent, answers to more than one affectionate name, earned during her time providing care to girls who’ve come to find a loving, stable home with her as part of Good Shepherd’s Treatment Foster Care program (TFC). Our team salutes her for […]