David – Adopted - Good Shepherd


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December 18, 2017

David is a sweet seven year old boy. His infectious smile shows off his charming dimples. David has good eye contact and enjoys engaging with adults and other kids. David can be silly, laughs easily, and revels in one-on-one attention. David is independent and likes to try to do most everything himself or with only a little assistance. He enjoys school and generally does well with instructions and activities. David wears glasses at school, but likes to have a break from them when at home. You would never know from his slender frame that David has a great appetite and has never met a food he does not like!

David does have special needs and will require a patient and nurturing family that is committed to being his cheerleader, coach, and most importantly, his loving forever family.

See David’s feature on “A Place to Call Home” here: http://www.ksdk.com/video/entertainment/television/show-me-st-louis/place-to-call-home-david/63-2904086


Please contact Christina at crobb@ccstl.org or 314-854-5727 to learn more about David.