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July 14, 2022

Jennifer or “Jenny” as she prefers to be called is as unique as her freckles! This 11 year old has a positive demeanor and her smile can brighten a room. Jenny can be shy in group settings but is building her confidence and finding her voice. Jenny finds it hard to narrow down her favorite things, she likes everything!
She is energetic and enjoys spending time with friends. She is a loving big sister and always looks out for her younger sister, Amber.
Little sister, Amber, may be younger and smaller, but she makes up for this with her feisty personality. At seven years old, she prefers to be the leader and goes after what she wants. She has no trouble naming all of her favorite things in any category!
Both girls like to play outside and are not afraid to get dirty. Jenny and Amber love having their hair braided and playing dress up. They can often be found playing pretend as Power Rangers or princesses, depending on the day. Jenny and Amber would like to explore sports and other interests with a family. These sweet sisters are looking for a family that can keep up with them and provide a safe and loving home where they can grow up together!

This is a legal risk adoption. 

For more information contact the adoption worker:
Christina Robb