Leland - Good Shepherd


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April 16, 2024

Ten-year-old, Leland, is charming and has an infectious smile. He can be playful and social and enjoys being around others. Leland likes to be helpful and wants to be involved in all of the household activities. He thrives with praise and encouragement.

Leland loves collecting Pokémon and Magic cards. He will show his competitive side when playing his favorite games like Uno or really any card or board games! Leland enjoys screen time and works hard to earn time on his tablet or video game.

This fourth grader has not decided if he has a favorite subject in school but does know for sure that he likes recess! Leland is energetic and likes outdoor activities like riding his bike.

Leland needs a caring parent that can provide him with a daily boost of encouragement to help him do his best. He has siblings and will need help maintaining those relationships in the future.

If you are interested in learning more about Leland and being considered as his Forever Family, please contact the adoption specialist:

Christina Robb, crobb@gsstl.org or 314-854-5727