Michaela - Good Shepherd


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November 6, 2020

Michaela is a 14 year old girl with a contagious smile. She is currently in the 9th grade and her favorite subjects are English Language Arts and Math. She does well academically in school. Prepare for some thoughtful and passionate debates as Michaela wants to be a lawyer one day.

Michaela is sweet and kind, and she loves to help others. She keeps her room clean and takes pride in her appearance. Michaela has a passion for new experiences. She loves to eat different foods, loves to travel to new places and learn new things. She has a great personality and is very sociable creative and artistic. Michaela loves drawing and uses it to express herself at times.

Michaela is athletic and a natural leader. Michaela would like a forever family to help her continue to be her best in school, support her artistic and athletic abilities, and help her achieve her dream of becoming a lawyer one day.

If you are interested in learning more about Michaela, please contact:
Christina Robb
Specialized Adoption Specialist

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