Big Impact from a Little Girl - Good Shepherd


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November 9, 2015

It is often the little acts of volunteers who transform our lives.  This past summer we received a transformational gift from a volunteer who reminded us in a little way about our Good Shepherd mission—why we do what we do and how big a difference each of us can make in the lives we touch.

In mid-August, 10 year old Meaghan Meehan (no relation to our Executive Director who says Meaghan has a truly sensational last name) arrived at Good Shepherd with items for our maternity girls and their babies.  This wasn’t a huge surprise, since Meghan had been here last year because family and friends from St. Dominic Savio Parish had held a diaper drive for Good Shepherd.  This visit, however, was a little different.  On her own initiative, Meghan spent the summer raising money.  She ran a lemonade stand, worked in a summer camp, and even solicited individual donations from family and friends.  In all, she raised $120 and used it to buy items for our Maternity Care program.  Even better, she told us she prays for Good Shepherd and for those we serve in her own daily prayers and also with some other girls from her parish.  Meghan is an inspiration – a sign that the Holy Spirit is alive and well and transforming the world through the actions of those willing to heed His call.

Everyone at Good Shepherd was buzzing about Meaghan’s visit.  The posting about her on our Facebook page got more likes than any other previous article.  They say that big things come in small packages and hearts are clearly no exception.  Meaghan showed us how a little voluntary act changes our hearts in a big way.  That’s transformational giving.

(Meaghan’s Second Story) For those of you who didn’t make it to our Golf event on last week, you missed a wonderful day.  The weather was perfect, the greens were in great shape, and great fun was had by all.  You also missed a great speech from our junior dynamo, Meghan Meehan.  Meghan brought the room to tears, and then to their feet with an incredibly genuine and heartfelt talk about her work with Good Shepherd and why it’s so important to her.  To quote eleven year old Meghan,

“It’s not enough just to say that abortion is wrong; we have to help mothers who choose to give their babies life.  Good Shepherd does that.”

I continue to be humbled and inspired by the way Meghan has responded to what the Holy Spirit is calling her to do in the world.