Faces of Foster Care: Ava and Aletheia - Good Shepherd


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May 15, 2019

Ava and Aletheia are biological children of Pat and Jesi, foster parents. They live in Fenton, Missouri.


Aletheia was 10 years old and her sister Ava was 5 when their parents, Pat and Jesi, became licensed foster parents in 2017. Within weeks the family began fostering two brothers, ages 1 and 2. This meant big changes for the sisters, including Ava moving into Aletheia’s bedroom and their parent’s attention being divided. It’s been almost two years and the boys are getting ready to move to their forever home. There were bumps along the way for Aletheia and Ava, some tears and some hurt feelings at times and although they will be happy to have their own rooms again they are sad to see the boys leave. When asked what their advice would be to other kids whose parents are considering fostering Aletheia said “it’s challenging but it’s important”. Both girls want their parents to continue fostering because, as Ava said, “all kids need a family”.