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About Us:

We were both born and raised in St. Louis and are die-hard Cardinals and Blues fans. We come from fairly large and very diverse families. Jacob was raised by his Dad and Mom. He is the sibling of 7 brothers and sisters, two of which were adopted. I was raised by my Mom and I am also the sibling of two brothers and one sister. We grew up in close and loving families including have large and diverse extended families.

Jacob and I have been married approximately four years. We’ve been together five years. We knew early on how in love we were with each other and found our soulmates. A little over a year of dating, and after we were engaged to be married, our little boy came into lives. We were given the opportunity to become parents sooner than we thought. We knew that God had called on us for a reason. We’ve have had our son since birth, but officially adopted him in 2018. We also have our two fur babies that are ready to welcome another child to the family.

Our message to you:

This is Us in a nutshell. We hope we have given you comfort in knowing that if you choose Us, we will give your unborn baby a life filled with love, family, adventure, security and parenting them to give them every opportunity possible. We are praying that you will consider Us as the family for your unborn baby. We are praying for you and the journey you have ahead of you. There is a quote that I (Bridget) came across and fell in love with. “You have given someone the Gift of Life, and someone else a Child to Love”

Jacob, Bridget and Donald


To learn more about placing your baby with Jacob & Bridget or to talk to an adoption worker, please call our 24/7 adoption hotline at 314-724-8417.