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Do you feel the call?

Children enter foster care for many reasons – poverty, abuse, neglect, but never because of their own choice. Do you have room in your heart to be a Good Shepherd foster family?


For more in depth information on becoming a foster parent, please visit Saint Louis Partners.

To become a foster parent, you must

  • Be at least 21 years of age
  • Have a safe house or adequate space for the child
  • Be willing to undergo child abuse and criminal history background checks
  • Be in generally good physical and emotional health
  • Be financially stable
  • Be of good moral character
  • Be willing and able to accommodate and care for additional children in your home
  • Partner with the child’s biological family as needed
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The process of becoming a foster or adoptive parent usually takes a minimum of 4 months and includes:

  • Completion of a home study with a Family Development Specialist
  • Attending STARS training (9 three hour classes taught over 9 weeks)
  • Completing a background screening
  • Participate in home evaluations and medical screenings
  • Obtain character references including employment, school, and personal references


There are a variety of services and support available to foster families. Our Fostering Faithful Families ministry reaches out to churches in the hopes of educating the community about the needs of children in foster care.

  • Monthly stipend to help with expenses related to the child
  • Missouri Healthnet to cover the child’s medical expenses including Mental Health Services
  • Yearly clothing allowance depending on the child’s age
  • Day care services at approved centers up to 13 for working families
  • Training and support groups offered by local agencies
  • Ongoing support of staff who are trained to help with any situation you’ll face

Click here to see more Facts about Fostering on the Saint Louis Partners website.


Levels of Care

Traditional & Medical

Traditional: 27 hours of STARS training Medical: STARS training + medical training specific to child’s needs

Elevated Needs

Level A/Behavioral: Moderate emotional/behavioral needs; STARS training + 18 hours of Level A elevated needs training Level B/Career: Severe mental health diagnosis/behavioral needs training; STARS training + 12 hours Level B elevated needs training. Requires 1 year experience providing care to a child with mental health/behavioral needs.

Treatment Foster Care

CTH: 27 hours STARS training; specialized training for providing care to pregnant teens, parenting teens, youth stepping down from residential, our youth with severe emotional/behavioral needs; a clinical team, a licensed clinician, an educational advocate, a RN, 24/7 crisis management, and an evidence based curriculum to implement in your home.