Good Shepherd Staff: Christina, Resource Development & Adoption Specialist - Good Shepherd


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December 16, 2019

Christina Robb is a Resource Development and Adoption Specialist at Good Shepherd. She describes her role as developing, supporting and guiding foster parents in their journey through foster care. As an Adoption Specialist she helps the team of a child whose case plan is adoption navigate the process for the child, which may include recruiting an adoptive family or guiding the child’s current foster parents if they are interested in adopting.

Most rewarding for Christina is helping families improve their ability to provide a safe place for children and feel supported. Working within an imperfect child welfare system is one of the most challenging aspects of her work as well as a lack of foster families. Christina doesn’t feel it takes a special person to do the work she does. A willingness to see the good in people and work with that is where her rewards come from. Her previous experience as a Case Manager has helped her learn and understand family dynamics and human behavior as well as her ability to be empathetic.
Her advice to those thinking of becoming a foster parent is to consider their ability to focus on the child’s needs above all else. There will always be issues from the child’s team or biological family, but focusing on what they can do for the child while he/she is in their home is where the reward will come from.

Christina has been with Good Shepherd for 8 years. Prior to coming to Good Shepherd she worked as a Foster Care Case Manager in Florida and Kansas City, Missouri. She has a Bachelor degree in Psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia.