Here’s to the Unconventional Fathers - Good Shepherd


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For generations, our society has reinforced what it meant to “be a man.” We valued the strong, silent type. Rub some dirt on it. Boys don’t cry.

On this Father’s Day, I want to tell you what we see at Good Shepherd.

I call them unconventional fathers. They’re men who take on the responsibility of parenting children from hard places and, from the moment they begin the journey to adoption or fostering, they learn to embrace softness. They accept an uncertain and emotional process. They open themselves to feeling vulnerable.

For most men, this is not their comfort zone.

I want them to know that we see them.

  • We see you having the courage to accept new children into your families.
  • We see you standing through the highs and lows of the adoption process.
  • We see you supporting your partners during hard and heavy days.
  • We see you embodying God’s love as you defend the defenseless and father the fatherless.
  • We see you redefining manhood.

Thank you to the unconventional fathers on this Father’s Day.

You inspire us all.

– Kathy