Mission Moment 12/28/15 - Good Shepherd


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January 5, 2016

I was listening to a beautiful version of the Stations of the Cross this morning on the way to work.  In the interest of full transparency, this is NOT how I usually spend my morning drive. I’m typically lost in my own thoughts or busy griping about the driving habits of those around me.  This morning, however, I simply ran across the CD after many months and popped it in.  In any event, the CD is by Dana and Fr. Kevin Scallon and is quite beautiful (and readily available on Amazon and elsewhere).  A particular quote from that CD has been with me ever since, and so I will share it with you as a Mission Moment. The words are from Father Scallon.


How easy for Pilate to wash his hands and say, “I am innocent of the blood of this man.” And how many Pilates wash their hands of You as you stand before firing squads, and gas chambers, and prison camps…as you disappear never to be seen again…as you are reduced to being a choice or a burden on society, as you are stigmatized by public opinion.  Lord, we do no wash our hands of You with water anymore, but with indifference.


Jesus, please do not let me turn from you or walk away when I see you condemned.


For me, this cuts right to the heart of our ministry (and that of Catholic Charities as a whole).  How different our lives and our world would be if we truly saw Christ in everyone…particularly those most who are poor, powerless, or persecuted!  Could we still turn away?


Yours in Christ,