Mission Moment (4 September 2016) - Good Shepherd


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September 4, 2016

On Monday we observe Labor Day, a national celebration of the contributions of working people to the prosperity and achievements of this country.  It is a celebration that is entirely consonant with the Catholic Church’s teachings on the dignity of work and the rights of workers.  For me, it is also an opportunity to recognize in a special way the contributions of our employees, whose labors and sacrifices make our ministry a reality. I started my professional career nearly 30 years ago as a child care worker in a residential treatment facility (Child Center of Our Lady of Grace).  Over the intervening years, I returned to school and gradually worked my way through a dozen or so positions in various youth serving entities.  I know very well the exhaustion and frustration that work in social service can bring, and I know that sometimes the things we see and hear in our work can hurt us to the core.  I also know the immense joy that comes with making a difference in the life of someone in need, and it that joy that keeps me going in difficult times.  I am deeply proud of the work we do at Good Shepherd, and I am deeply grateful for the dedicated and often tireless efforts of our staff. The sacrifices you make on behalf of those we serve make a real impact. I thank God for your service to our mission.


Happy Labor Day, and may God bless your and your family richly.