Mission Moment (August 25, 2015) - Good Shepherd


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August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014

Consistent with my assertion that it is our people that make Good Shepherd so special, this week’s Mission Moment focuses on our Adoption Program.  As we do in all our programs, we regularly survey our Adoption Program clients to assess their level of satisfaction with our services.  As you may know, Adoption is, in most respects, a program of one—Mary Ann Hoeynck.  Here is a collection of feedback regarding Mary’s work:

Positive Comments from surveys of active adoption clients in July 2014.:

“ We have been working with Mary Ann and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her.  She responds to our questions immediately.  It is very clear to us that she will up as best as she can regarding starting our family.  Her desire is to do what is best for the child and we respect and admire that.  We are so thankful for her and for Good Shepherd.”

“ We have been blessed beyond belief to have adopted our daughter this year.  She is a beautiful blessing and miracle.  We have never been happier.  We are extremely satisfied with Good Shepherd. Thank you! “

“We loved meeting with Mary Ann.  She’s very knowledgeable and helps adoptive parents feel comforted and supported.”

“We’re looking forward to our adoption with Good Shepherd.  Mary Hoeynck has been a joy to work with.”

“ Mary Ann has been Amazing.  She is so informative and easy to talk to.  Thanks!”

“Mary Hoeynck did an outstanding job in pulling together our homestudy.  Please allocate to her more resources so that she can help more childless couples.”

“Mary has been so great to work with!  She’s been responsive to our questions in such a prompt manner and has offered so much help to our journey.”

“ We have moved to Virginia.  Mary Hoeynck has and continues to assist us in a tremendous way.  We love her – she is very  professional and helpful.”

“She has been good to us thru all or our adoptions.  Whenever I start to give up I just call her and she talks me down.  Love her. “

Discharge survey comments in recent months.

“We love Mary Ann Hoeynck”

“ I cannot express how wonderful Mary Hoeynck is to work with.  She is knowledgeable, professional, and always on top of paperwork and deadlines.  We are starting the process to adopt our second child and are thrilled to be working with Mary again.”


Given that Mary started her career with us in 1974 (as part of Catholic Charities’ Department of Children), imagine all the lives her work has blessed!