Mission Moment (February 8, 2016) - Good Shepherd


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February 8, 2016

By Dr. Michael Meehan, Executive Director


This afternoon I had the pleasure of hosting a brief visit from the anonymous donors who made our chapel possible.  They had not seen the room we formerly referred to as GS102 since we met there last Spring.  It was during that meeting that they first became aware of our desire to have a chapel here, and though we had been talking about other needs, the chapel was the project that called to their hearts.  That is why it was so wonderful to be with them today and see the look on their faces when they saw the completed chapel for the first time.  They were awestruck and clearly delighted.  For me, it was confirmation of nature of true philanthropy—that a charitable gift like this meets the needs of the donor every bit as much as it meets the needs of those receiving.  This couple wanted deeply to make a difference here (much like we do).  They wanted to use their gifts to help our mission and ministry, and they wanted nothing in the way of recognition.  That desire was fulfilled in funding the chapel renovation (just as it was when they funded the renovation of what is now our Maternity Shelter).  The look of satisfaction on their faces when they saw and felt what their giving made possible was palpable, and I won’t forget it.  I believe they felt as fortunate to be a part of the effort as we do.  Humbling indeed.