Mission Moment (June 23, 2014) - Good Shepherd


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June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014

In our second installment of Mission Moment, the focus will be our Expectant Parent Program (EP).  In 2013, Good Shepherd’s EP Program provided counseling, education, case management, and/or concrete assistance to 168 women.  Of the 65 women who completed treatment in 2013, 100% demonstrated stable or improved scores on measures of family, social, and occupational functioning.  Of the 35 women who gave birth during 2013, 97% kept all pre-natal medical appointments, and 91% had babies born at a healthy weight.  Given the zip codes in which we work and the incredible obstacles so many of our clients face, these are fantastic outcomes.

What’s even better is that in May, two clients spontaneously reported that they would have aborted their babies had it not been for the help they received from Good Shepherd’s EP Program.  That’s a difference that can’t be measured.


God bless,