Mission Moment (October 13, 2014) - Good Shepherd


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October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

Word is getting out…


When I arrived at Good Shepherd nearly three years ago, it was clear our reputation had taken a hit.  Our stock in the community was down, and in fact, even some of our own partners were concerned about was (or was not) happening at Good Shepherd. We all know that those times are behind us.  We’ve made outstanding progress together!  Our programs are better aligned than ever before, and our outcomes are consistently excellent. We’re an active leader both locally and at the state level, and our programs are trusted and respected in the community.  Financially, we’re stronger than ever too.


As another piece of evidence of how far we’ve traveled, I have been asked to consult with two local agencies recently.  Both are struggling in one way or another, and one is seeking advice about new leadership and direction.  The first was led to us by the United Way, who thought we could be particularly helpful.  The other was led to us by a colleague in the community familiar with our programs and growing reputation.  That we are respected enough that folks would recommend others come to us for advice or assistance is a reflection of our collective work and dedication these last three years.  It’s paying off, and I am deeply grateful for the chance to share in that effort.


God bless,