Mission Moment (October 19, 2015) - Good Shepherd


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October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015

We’re official!


Please see the attached, which includes a formal decree from Archbishop Robert Carlson establishing a chapel here at Good Shepherd.  Work isn’t quite finished, but it feels good to have surpassed another hurdle on the way to our dream of having a chapel here at Good Shepherd.  There are days when the work we do here is rough, painful…even ugly.  There are times when my staff is worn to the bone and what they have seen and experienced threatens to break them.  It’s those times when it can be most difficult to remember that Christ is at the center of everything we do—that He is the heart and soul of this place and that His boundless love and strength are inside each of us.  It is my prayer that the Ave Maria Chapel at Good Shepherd will be a reminder of Christ’s presence and source of refuge, strength, consolation, and hope for all who enter it.