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November 9, 2015

Today’s message is about fundraising, something we will be talking much more about as a key function of any non-profit Board.  Fundraising can be scary, in part because we often get stuck in the idea that fundraising is limited to “hitting up” our friends and family (or worse, perfect strangers) for money.  As we’ll learn, fundraising is far broader and encompasses a host of things that each of us can do easily, with a bit of training and the right motivation.

Case in point:

I was flying back from New York late Friday night, and I ended up sitting next to Morry, who was flying with his daughter, Makena, who was a wonderful distraction during a sometimes turbulent flight (I hate flying).  Our conversation started over Morry’s Chicago Blackhawks cap.  Turns out he grew up in Chicago, attended graduate school in St. Louis (along with his wife), and was now working in New York.  He was returning to St. Louis for his daughter’s dedication service at the church they attended here.  We talked about faith, family, sports, beer…and Good Shepherd.  It was a great conversation, which ended with my leaving Morry my business card and committing to saying a special prayer for Makena’s dedication.

When I arrived at work today, Julie handed me a copy of a Network for Good donation from Morry to Good Shepherd for $100.  That was the easiest bit of fundraising I’ve ever done, because I didn’t even know I was doing it.  I was just having a conversation with someone about things I am passionate about, including Good Shepherd.  I neither asked nor expected a donation, but Morry is now a supporter.  Now if I can only do that 1000 more times…