Open Your Heart and Your Home: Become a Holding Home Partner - Good Shepherd


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When a child is removed from their home, the Good Shepherd team instantly goes to work to find just the right foster family placement. We will call family to see if they’re available (our best option) and reach out to foster homes that are trained and ready to accept placements, but sometimes there can be a delay that takes a few days.

This is where our Holding Homes program comes into play. A Holding Home foster placement is a temporary, short-term solution that matches a child in need with people who want to help. A Holding Home fills the gap between when a child is removed from a difficult family situation and when they are placed in a loving, safe, long-term foster care home.

Good Shepherd is seeking new Holding Homes in the St. Louis region, Jefferson County, and in St. Francois County. How it works:

  • The maximum stay for a child in a Holding Home is five days.

  • The Holding Home family or individual needs to be flexible and able to take placements 24/7 during the months you are available.

  • We are looking for caring families and individuals with patience and love to share with children who need support during a difficult transition.

  • You will receive training and be compensated.

Being removed from a family and home they know is extremely difficult for a child, and it can feel like they don’t belong anywhere when they see their caseworker struggle to find a place for them to lay their head. In a Holding Home, they’re given a warm bed and shown love and acceptance right away. They feel hope. They know somebody wants them. They can exhale.

If you have considered becoming a foster parent but aren’t sure about the long-term commitment, you might be a good fit for this program. To learn more about how to become a Holding Home partner, please contact Good Shepherd Foster Family Recruiter Stephanie Vinson at 314-854-5716.